“Do you know? There are many secrets of health in sunlight.”

Sun is the source of everything in this world. Even the food we consume is prepared with the help of sunlight. Sun rays are also helpful for our health. Being exposed to the sun’s rays has many benefits for our body. This, in Ayurveda Yoga there is a reference about doing Surya Namaskar every day. Doctors also instruct us to stand in the sun every day to supply our body with vitamins. So here is the information about the benefits of daily sun rays touching us.

Some people don’t stop sleeping even if the sun hits their scalp. Many people keep the sun’s rays from touching their body for fear of damaging the skin.
But by doing this, we may be infected with many diseases that we don’t even know about, even if we seem to be healthy for a moment. So even if we go to the doctor to get rid of it, the doctor will give instructions to increase the vitamin D required by our body. In addition, it is advised to stand in the sunlight. Here is the information about the use of natural sunlight to get rid of many problems.

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“Let’s know what are the benefits of sun light”

* Increase in vitamin D: Cancer, mental illness, diabetes, nervous system problems are caused by lack of vitamin D. So exposure to sunlight naturally produces vitamin D in the body. This can lead to health improvement.

* Skin protection: As the early morning sun or evening sun touches our skin, the heat in our skin increases. This increases the blood circulation in the skin and makes the skin healthy.

* For smooth blood flow: UVA from sunlight increases nitric oxide. A vasodilator that improves blood flow and oxygenation and reduces respiratory rate and blood glucose levels.

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* Increase in energy and health: The red rays from the sun during the day affect the function of mitochondria. This increases the energy in the body and improves health.

* Relief of anxiety and depression: As the natural light of the sun falls on our nervous system, the nervous system works quickly.

* Hormone production: The blue light of the sun keeps us always awake. It produces the necessary amount of hormones in the body, removes discomfort and depression.

* For better sleep: The amount of sleep hormone melatonin improves due to the sun falling in the morning. This will maintain the health of our bodies. Thus, it is good for those who suffer from insomnia to face the sunlight every day.

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